Whilst Malaysiakini reported only about 250 people at the KL/Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall to welcome the freed PSM 6, I am sure many thousands were elated with their release from police detention under the Emergency Ordinance.

I suppose many can understand the security concerns of the police and whether the PSM 6 had any violent inclinations. It was reported that some of the items confiscated from them included references to Rashid Maidin and Chin Peng (who led the violent Communist Party of Malaya then) …… although never fully acknowledged or confirmed.

The period of Emergency in Malaysia was indeed a dark era for many then …… people were just taken away by these communist cells and never returned to their families.

Then there were the killings of police personnel; some at the front doors of their homes …… the highest profile being the assassination Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim, next to Bangunan Lee Yan Lian, Kuala Lumpur in 1974.

I recall laws were changed to address this savage threat to the country including imposing the death penalty for unlawful possession of fire-arms ……. resulting even in a minor being sentenced to death for that law!

But that was in the dark past and the question was whether there was a genuine concern with the resurrection of the Dark Violent Past ……. or an attempt by the powers to be to link the current PSM 6 to the Dark Violent Past …… based on a wish and a hope?

In any case, the police had to do their duty and without any compelling evidence against the PSM 6, they have now been released as heroes in the eyes of the Rakyat and another MINUS against the UMNO led government for the perceived harassment through the use of the various agencies.

These PSM 6 may well be potential candidates for the People’s Alliance in the coming General Elections.


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These are the heroes of the workers who have been cheated and deprived in this country. The workers who had cleared most dangerous equatorial forest to plant the rubber that brought in the revenue that built up this country. In the process they died of snake bites and malaria. They cleared the jungle and laid the roads in the burning heat. Today they have been put in a lower category than illiegal immigrants who take away their jobs in the estates. Their children go into crime and get killed in the police stations without being brought to court.Thank you BN how fair and democratic you are.

Comment by Geet Govind

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