Blame it on the government!

So says the Deputy Chief of the Election Commission of Malaysia.

Wan Ahmad Wan Omar says that the government of the day only has the power to make the electoral reforms being demanded by BERSIH.

“Point your guns at them (UMNO led government), not us”  seems to be the message emanating from Wan Ahmad at a debate with BERSIH leader, Ambiga Sreevenasan, in front of a crowd of about 300.

Little does this person (Little Napoleon?) realise that he is confirming that the Election Commission is a tool of the incumbent i.e. UMNO ……. by logical deduction!

This is not a current issue but a legacy issue that dates back to many, many elections ago.

Gone are the days where ‘accountability’ is not in the vocabulary of Malaysian politics.

Gone are the days where the Rakyat are forced to read what is written by the UMNO led government.

Gone are the days where the cake was big enough to keep the people ‘blinded’.

Gone are the days where the cost of living was a miniscule proportion of what it is today!

So get out of your slumber, people of the Election Commission ……. or your days in office will certainly be numbered!

Click HERE for the Election Commission’s Deputy Head’s ‘Tai Chi’ exercise.


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