Poor Idris Jala, CEO of Malaysia PEMANDU, Performance Management Delivery Unit.

He was plucked out of MAS …… appointed a Minister via a Senatorship ….. and placed at the helm of PEMANDU ….. effectively to drive Malaysia along the route that its Rakyat demands!

Hence the numerous ‘workshops’ or ‘Labs’ as they were more popularly known.

Key staff from various Ministries and agencies were seconded to PEMANDU to ensure that Key Performance Indicators are set at the various agencies in order to meet its NKRA.


I recall vividly that top of the NKRA list, based on the Rakyat’s response, was the FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION.

And what do we have at this advanced stage of PEMANDU’s evolution?

The Anti Corruption Agency was given wider powers and elevated to the status of ‘Commission’.

With this, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission was expected to be more effective in reining in corruption which has become a severe drain to the Malaysian economy.

Instead of evolving, based on the gist of the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Teoh Beng Hock’s death, the MACC has instead de-generated into a ‘gangster’ organisation where abuses of power appear to be carried out incessantly and at will whilst its members cover up each other for their action by telling plain lies ….. without batting an eye-lid!

Notwithstanding the dissatisfaction with the conclusion about the manner in which Teoh Beng Hock was killed, the assessment on the MACC alone was DAMNING enough!!

Not only that, the implications are serious and has a wide enough reach to make powers to be, locally and abroad, to cast doubts as to how big the ‘HOLE’ is in Malaysia.

The only way for the Rakyat now is through the BALLOT BOX!

May the power continue to be with the Rakyat!


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