After a short break, Mahathir is back onto the scene with a speech to a CEO Forum reminiscent of his fiery days as a full time politician.

Mahathir now acknowledges that changes must be made to correct the ‘defects’ in the current political system …….. BUT the political system should remain as it has maintained the stability of the country.

Quite honestly ……. and may surprise you people ….. I am totally in AGREEMENT with our dear’ol Mahathir.

Have I gone off my rockers?


The political system referred to by Mahathir started off in the early 1970s with the New Economic Policy which strived to reform the economic status of its people with policies ….. which implemented properly ….. would have met its objectives by the early 2000s.

This NEP was moving along reasonably okay, despite disgruntlement from the ultra non-Malays, UNTIL the new administration came into force in 1981 …….. YES, the Mahathir administration.

This administration, especially from the mid-1980s (after Mahathir narrowly defeated Tengku Razaleigh for the UMNO Presidency), practiced cronyism that perpetuated corruption and nepotism.

This, my dear friends, is the defect dear’ol Mahathir is referring to that requires change!

The problem with this objective is that UMNO and its BN partners are so ENTRENCHED in the practices of corruption, cronyism and nepotism that the Rakyat welcomed the concept of a two party democracy in Malaysia.

The Rakyat now has a choice in dumping the UMNO led BN and choosing the Pakatan Rakyat.

That way, it will jive perfectly with Mahathir’s assertion that the political system remains ….. but administered by a party OTHER THAN Umno.

Mahathir even had the audacity to blame press freedom for the increase in racial tension.

If not for the advent of the online technology, the Rakyat would have been ignorant of the excesses and corruption of the UMNO led government.

Any tension of the racial nature is the direct result of the UMNO ultras and ilk …. like Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali!

Click HERE for Mahathir’s latest ‘insight’ at the CEO Forum!


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