I honestly cannot believe that this is happening.

Whilst it may be claimed that all this has been initiated by former members of the banned Al Arqam religious sect …….  I still cannot believe that the main-stream media would disseminate such news!

Not only is it sexist, it is also condescending to the fairer sex ….. to the point of heaping the blame on women for the infidelities of men.

On the flip side of it, the men in question are being portrayed as a kind of specie that requires sexual gratification at a moment’s notice!

This may explain for the ‘SEX COURSE’ ……. possibly to explain the finer points of intercourse!!

Are such courses necessary?

The Chua Soi Lek episode should give some leads ….. remember the lap-top he had on the bed …. which somehow assisted in the ‘activity’?

The manner in which it has been reported, it makes this whole episode  so de-meaning …. virtually to everyone in Malaysia.


Click HERE for article on sex lessons for the OWC members.


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The Obedient Wives’ club is the most degrading thing I ever heard. That is not all, this club is leaving Malaysians look like laughing stock. Seriously, someone needs to put a stop on The Obedient Wives’ Club

Comment by whatsaysyou

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