It was with interest that I followed Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the Republic of Ireland or Eire recently.

Not many may realize that the Republic of Ireland was a ‘colony’ of the British …… just as Malaya was until Malaya obtained its independence in 1957.

In the case of the Republic of Ireland, it got its independence in 1922 ….. but at a cost.

I first got an insight into the Irish struggle by watching the movie, ‘Ryan’s Daughter’, starring Robert Mitchum and Sarah Miles.

It basically covered the time of the British military occupation of Ireland and a ‘blasphemous’ relationship developed between a British army officer and a local maiden.

Further reading revealed that when Ireland was finally given ‘independence’ in 1922, the northern part of the country ….. now called Northern Ireland ….. was ANNEXED!

The reason was that the majority of the people living there were Protestants (similar to the Church of England) ….. whilst Ireland is a Catholic majority country.

That started the bloody religious conflict that also created the dreaded IRA, the Irish Republican Army ….. that demanded the return of Northern Ireland to the Republic.

Much conflict and many deaths ensued …… and some form of collective government materialised under the Tony Blair administration.

But the under-current is still strong …… because a fundamental wrong has not been addressed i.e. the annexation of Northern Ireland.

This is quite similar to Gibraltar in Spain ….. annexed apparently for security reasons …. the Rock of Gibraltar being a strategic outlet for the Mediterranean Sea.

The same can be said of the Falkland Islands a.k.a. Malvinas ….. that has now been famously claimed as British territory after the war with Argentina in 1981.

Of course the British would subsequently justify their actions by re-writing the history books ….. something they had famously done in the Malayan Federation too.

The Malaysian Government has taken a leaf out of the British actions by re-writing their own history books ….. the latest being Interlok ….. that portrays a condescending view of the Chinese and Indians whilst elevating the status of the Malays to stratospheric levels!

In this day and age of advance technology and a knowledge driven society, the actions of the Malaysian Government is nothing short of being presumptuous and arrogant.

Is it no wonder that the majority of Chinese and Indians support the opposition Pakatan Rakyat?

Coming back to Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the Republic of Ireland ….. the first in a century by a British monarch …. let’s hope that this is a precursor to the rightful return of Northern Ireland to the Republic!


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