Back in the late 1990’s economic crisis, the International Monetary Fund thought it knew best and insisted countries took the bitter medicine prescribed.

It never really worked although it was never conceded by the French controlled IMF.

So out went Michel Camdessus and the current French heading the IMF is Dominic Strauss-Kahn.

Character wise, they have never really changed ….. since the French have an understanding with the Americans that whilst IMF would be effectively controlled by the French, the World Bank will be helmed by an American!

Never changed?

Yes, in that they keep pushing their weight around all these years ……. this time the IMF Head literally placing his full naked weight onto the poor hotel chamber maid!

How could he do such things …… you may ask ….. assuming the allegation is true?

Well, we can’t say any further at this stage but I do remember a story told to me about the time when God created man.

God told man when he created the latter that he had good news and bad news.

The good news was that God would give man a brain which he could utilize to the ultimate for the betterment of civilization. At the same time, God would give him a male genital i.e. male reproductive organ so that he could enjoy his sex with it!

So what’s the bad news, asked the man.

Well, God said that there would be enough blood in man’s body such that only one organ would work at any one time!!

In the case of IMF’s Dominic Strauss-Kahn, I think we all know where the blood was located when he was atop the chamber maid!!

Click HERE for background his brain-draining experience!


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