When I was younger (relatively), we used to joke that the Bible is the acronym for ‘Basic Information Before Leaving Earth’!

And since those presumptuous and big-headed days of mine, I have spent much time trying to understand many of the great religions of today.

Not so much only confining myself to feverishly reading their respective Holy Books but also to engage their followers and participate and empathize.

This may partly explain why I always refer to myself as a God-fearing Free Thinker!

And it is in that context that I take particular exception to a certain local Malaysian media exploiting perceived differences in religions ……. to the point of deliberately trying to fan sentiments against a particular religious group!

What was utterly unacceptable was that the government of the day and relevant authorities …. stood by the way-side and did absolutely NOTHING!

This actually reminded me of the days prior to the May 13, 1969 mayhem and also that which precipitated ‘Operation Lallang’ in 1987.

It was therefore so comforting to hear the Islamic party, PAS, issue a statement effectively refuting the baseless threats of the UMNO mouth-piece, Utusan Malaysia ….. besides providing comfort to all and sundry.


To capture the minds and hearts of the Malaysian Rakyat at this particular moment in time, it is CONCILIATION that will win the day.

It is unfortunate that UMNO chose INTIMIDATION!


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