Rear of the Year? It's already in the bag: Pippa says a final farewell before starting the journey home

Yes, there were over 2 billion viewers world wide who witnessed the Royal Wedding in London on the 29 April 2011.

Yes, the focus was obviously on the bride and groom, Kate and William …… and both did look ravishing and handsome respectively!

But it’s always the other obvious people and incidents that get passed by without much notice.

One of them was Kate’s sister, Pippa ….. who was also the bridesmaid.

Somehow, after the Royal Couple, Pippa is now the rave of everyone.

It is amazing that throughout the history of the English monarchy ….. what with its scandals like the abdication of Edward (Queen Elizabeth’s uncle) for Mrs Simpson, and more recently the divorces involving Princes Charles, Andrew and Princess Anne to the death of Diana …… the Royal Family still has a place of deep affection in the hearts of the British public. 

It is also worth noting that the Royal Family, including its extended family, has been a true money churner for the country’s tourism industry. 

I do wonder if our own Malaysian Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen, could leverage on our own royalty in order to make it a tourism money churner for this country too.

That would be a more fruitful endeavour than to sue some advertising agency over what she (Ng Yen Yen) did or did not do!

Click HERE about the legal suit between the Tourism Minister and the advertising agency which was even picked up by the press in China!


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