If one is to believe the grape-vine, the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has ‘pumped in’ hundred of millions of ringgit into the Sarawak state elections!


Its outcome will be an indication of whether the central government in Putrajaya will prevail in the next general elections …… as the number of parliamentary seats emanating from Sarawak effectively makes or breaks the UMNO led coalition.

That is a primary reason why Sarawak’s Caesar, Taib Mahmud, has been allowed to do what he has done to Sarawak over the last 30 years – plunder, rape and ridicule its land and its people ….. so long as he delivers the parliamentary seats in favor of UMNO’s Barisan Nasional!

It is indeed remarkable and astonishing that it should take 30 years for its people to wake up from their slumber and to actually consider doing something that they should have done ages ago …….. remove Sarawak’s Caesar!!

Of course, there may be doubts cast over the reliability of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

However, even if true …… in this day and age, the people would be wise to choose the lesser of two evils.

What about the argument that it is better to choose a contented cat (Taib Mahmud’s gang) instead of a hungry cat (Pakatan Rakyat)?

Has Taib Mahmud and his cronies ever shown any inclination of being contented?

Get real ……. more and more parasites will be swarming around him, such that they can never be contented!

Furthermore, the track records of the Pakatan Rakyat governments of Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan speak for themselves!

What about the 1Malaysia rhetoric of Najib?

Well, what about it?

Have they actually shown any results that would give an inkling of hope to the Rakyat?

Unfortunately not!



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