Well, former MCA President & Transport Minister, Ling Liong Sik was charged in July for ‘misleading’ the Cabinet last July.

Yesterday, former Deputy MCA President & Transport Minister, Chan Kong Choy was also charged for misleading then PM Pak Lah …… when the latter was awake, that is!

Many are touting the whole fiasco as an attempt to play to the gallery ……. especially to the Malay electorate …… portraying that excesses are committed by the blinking Chinese.

Not only that …… the instigator to this terrible scheme is Tiong King Sing, a Sabahan politician ….. will be touted as the epitomy of Chinese excesses!!

This reminds me of the death of Kugan in police detention, after which an Indian police officer was charged for the death …… and subsequently acquitted!

This only points to the UMNO strategy of trying to win back as much of the Malay electorate as possible from PAS ….. as the Chinese and (dare I say) the Indian votes are substantially behind the Pakatan Rakyat.

Coming back to the PKFZ scandal, let us not forget that whilst this scheme was effected with MCA appointed officials at the forefront, there existed the then UMNO Treasurer (and other UMNO associates)sitting in the key companies of Tiong King Sing.

That person was AZIM ZABIDI, a close confidant of the then PM Pak Lah, who appointed Azim as UMNO Treasurer.

That being the case, how could it be possible for Pak Lah to be oblivious of what happened at PKFZ?

Asleep or awake, Pak Lah and UMNO knew or is deemed to have known what was happening!

Yes …… do continue with the prosecutions (and hopefully, tangible convictions) …… but make sure it reaches the rogues in UMNO who benefitted greatly from the Chinese excesses!



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