An immediate question is whether this is a picture from the Middle East or North Africa where we have been constantly been inundated with news of people’s protest against the cruel regime or dictatorship ….. resulting in the latter’s downfall!

But no, it is not from the Middle East nor North Africa …… but from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It was in response to a planned protest by the Human Rights Party ….. better known as HINDRAF, the Hindu Rights Action Force!

More than 108 of their leaders were rounded up and detained prior to the time of the protest ….. in an effort to prevent the protest from happening.

Now, if the UMNO led government is claiming through its official media that they have got the Indian mainstream back into supporting them, why the desperation in stifling the so-called remnants of Indian society that do not support them!

It is quite obvious that what is being rolled out through the official media outlets require HEAVY DISCOUNTING as a result of the action of the UMNO regime!

It is also obvious that it is impossible to satisfy all the needs of the different communities.

But what the UMNO led government can do for a start is to stop the corruption, cronyism and nepotism ….. and return the rightful independence back to Malaysia’s judiciary and  media, amongst others.


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