During his days in the corporate sector, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi used to remind his audience that ….. it is not the technical know-how but the TECHNICAL KNOW-WHO that matters!

He was known to have been a master of ‘political arrangements’ for the corporate sector for which he was attractively remunerated! 

As for his current role as the Defence Minister, he has been adequately trained by his mentor, PM Najib, to whom Zahid was the political secretary when Najib was Defence Minister many years ago.

There is no doubt that Zahid’s ‘technical know-who’ is indeed impressive.

However, when it comes to his ‘technical know-how’, it fails miserably when he is forced to utilise it!

This was clearly evident when DAP’s Tony Pua highlighted the apparent excessive price that the Malaysian Navy had to pay for the 6 ships to be built by Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd.

Instead of rebutting Tony Pua’s insinuations with transparent and logical explanations, the government goes on another spin ….. with so-called defence analysts justifying the high price due to its apparent sophistication.

Of course, if your missiles are gold plated, the price will escalate!

But the question is …… do you need to gold plate it?

What are the specialities of these 6 ships …… which should be no different from those bought by Singapore?


Not very much, I would think!


Zahid let it out of the bag ……. when he was quoted by the Government News Agency, BERNAMA, that

  1.  “the construction of the ships will benefit 632 vendors ….”

  2. “Thus, we will ensure that RM2 billion of the allocation will benefit these vendor companies which are strategic partners of Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd.”



Benefit means gain. Why should the government pay an extra RM2 billion for the ships using taxpayers’ money.

Who exactly are these strategic partners?

Doesn’t this smack on cronyism especially when the value add is non-existent considering that they are just middle-men ….. that’s what VENDORS mean!



Isn’t Zahid appearing to perpetuate the same shameful actions of Boustead Naval’s predecessor, PSCI (under Amin Shah) ….. which the government had to bail out?

Responding in a transparent and meaningful manner is the way to go instead of demonising Tony Pua!

It’s quite obvious why Zahid can’t!!

Click HERE for Zahid’s goofy statement to BERNAMA


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