It looks like damage control mode again …….. this time arising from the appointment of directors of Government Linked Companies.

The salvo was fired during a recent forum whereby the CEO of Maybank Investment Bank, Tengku Zafrul, questioned the appointment of Isa Samad as Chairman of FELDA.

Isa Samad had lost his senior position in the UMNO hierarchy due to corruption charges BUT was somehow rehabilitated when given the chance to contest a by election in his native Negeri Sembilan …… and won!

His rehabilitation appears complete with his appointment as FELDA Chairman!

The icing on the cake for Isa Samad is the support he gets from PM Najib himself who says the GLC appointments are based on competency and not background (read: integrity)

This is typical Mahathirist UMNO whereby they sock their critics on the nose …… by doing the very thing that they should not!

The next salvo at the forum came from ….. surprise, surprise …… a National Economic Committee member, Zainal Aznam who if I’m not wrong was also a member of the Securities Commission at one time!

Zainal Aznam lambasted the government for giving in to the Malay Ultras (read: Perkasa) by not committing to the much needed reforms to bring the country to the next level of development. He even complained about the heavy censorship ……. presumably by the UMNO led spinners!

The frustrations of the clear minded professionals, irrespective of creed or colour, are clearly bursting at the seams!



However, they appear to be still a minority when compared to the other professionals (read: Little Napoleons) who are so-called because they only PROFESS to do the bidding of their political masters in Putrajaya!!

It only seems to confirm the long held perception that the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government is still thinking that they can HOOD-WINK the Rakyat with their feel good 1Malaysia rhetoric accompanied with good statistics churned out regularly …….e.g.

  • Lower crime rate (real reason: residents are paying for their own security),

  • Increased investments in Malaysia (reality: over half of them go to Pakatan Rakyat run states),

  • A bustling shipping industry (reality: using taxpayers’ money to buy ships at exorbitant prices ….. the super-profits of which get channelled to ‘business partners’) etc.



Time for Najib to roll up his sleeves again and get down to the nitty gritty …. instead of spending time at the KLIA welcoming back young students who are mostly anti-UMNO establishment, come what may!

For Tengku Zafrul’s and Zainal Aznam’s diatribe …… click HERE and HERE. As for Najib’s ‘competency over integrity’ stand …. click HERE


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