You know, in the old days, if someone carries a placard demonstrating for “Social change”, he will be labelled a ‘socialist’ ….. and that’s synonymous with a ‘communist’ ….. and he’ll be immediately ISA’d if not lynched!

Nowadays, it’s not so much that more people are well educated, well read and more discerning …… we are still talking about bread and butter stuff!

It’s just that the ‘excesses’ of so-called democracies are beginning to ‘rear its ugly head’ …. to the point that SOCIAL CHANGE has become a rallying call for ALL!



What always make it worst is that corruption is somehow intertwined with these ‘excesses’ ….. to the point that those in power become richer and the others become poorer!

Of course, many will endeavour to try to get to power or at least be close to those in power …… and that’s how corruption starts as an enabler and ends as a cancer!



Problems start when the ‘cake’ is not big enough even for the corrupt in the country …… let alone the ordinary citizens!

Disaster will come closely thereafter when the middle class of the country begin to feel the ‘economic strain’ to just survive!



And if those in power violently clams down on peaceful protests, then you have a ‘suppression’ issue that will invariably require an ‘outlet’ …… like in Tunisia and Egypt.

Maybe, just maybe we need to have a two party democracy for all so that one will know that the other is equally capable of running the country if the mandate is given by its people!

One will also keep the other on their toes by strenuously questioning transactions that are excessive, exorbitant or just excruciatingly illogical ……… click HERE



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