Look, if Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister has a high libido ….. just like his relative in marriage, the Sarawak Chief Minister ….. who are we to question him?

The Sarawak Report web-site (click HERE) is quite detailed about his private life and the new wife, who is much younger than her husband!

Then there is the mistress of George Chan ….. a Ms Christina Foo ….. who somehow did not get to marry Georgie for some reason or the other when he divorced his first wife!

However, Ms Christina Foo is now alleged to have amassed a fortune arising from a hospital contract awarded to a company linked to her.

That sum is RM40 million!!


Now, if this is an arm’s length transaction, then there is nothing more to say.

But both the Sarawak Report and Malaysiakini have raised serious doubts about the whole transaction and involving a person who is also holding a  position of importance.

And I am not talking about Georgie Chan.

Rather, it is Christina Foo whom I am referring to.

Christina Foo is a qualified accountant. She used to head the Malaysian chapter of the Australian Certified Public Accountants. She is currently the Deputy President of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and is the leading contender to be its next President.

It is therefore incumbent upon Ms Christina Foo to respond to these allegations and improprieties immediately in order to prevent her position from being untenable.

That is the mark of a professional with integrity.

Otherwise, she would just be deemed as someone else’s property!


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