Yes, politics can be a ‘dirty’ business.

But for Chua Soi Lek to stick the knife in PAS’ Normala Sudirman (candidate for Tenang by-election) for not wanting to shake hands with the male gender …… well, that’s really low class, man.

More so, when he carries baggage such that no decent people would even want to go near him, let alone shake his hands.

For those who are in the dark, this MCA President has been filmed indulging in extra-marital sex in the most disgusting manner ….. aided by a ‘flick’ on a PC!

Spew venom and it may fly back into your own face, Soi Lek!

Shame on you!


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I am in charge of oral health in this country.
I have just finished a nation wide oral health survey.I found that there are millions of woman inflicted with oral STD.It is because dirty old men with STD stick their penis into the mouths of the poor women.The STD passes from the mucosa of the fore head of the men’s penis into the mucosa of the mouth and throat of the women.A few years ago I talked about this subject to my former boss who is a top psychiatrist.He said that men with psychological and psychiatric minds find it a great pleasure to humiliate women by sticking their penis into their mouths.If your wife scold you too much it is what he wanted to do to her in order to shut her up once for all.
In the prisons dominant male prisoners would stick their penis into the mouth and anus of weak male prisoners in order to humiliate them.
This big boss of mine gave me the budget to do a nation wide oral health survey which last for three years.I never guess that I was talking to the Oral Sex Chief Satan Himself.I now have all my results in Putrajaya.I will give a presentation once the Satan is in front of me.But as a dentist I always wear a mask to protect myself.

Comment by yeo siew lian

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