Another issue has arisen in Selangor ….. which is seen by many as the main bruising battleground come the next general elections.

However, this one has a twist in that the seat was won on a Pakatan Rakyat ticket …… before the assemblyman’s decision to become a turn-coat.

That person, Badrul Hisham, based on reports was more lazy than anything else.

He failed to fulfil his duties as an assemblyman …… resulting in him being reprimanded by his party.

Like most people, Badrul Hisham has a big ego and refuted the accusations made against him.

He immediately became a ‘KATAK’ target i.e. ‘Cross-over Target’ by the UMNO led Barisan Nasional.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Badrul Hisham is perceived to be ‘taken care of’ and deemed a BN friendly politician.

Possibly it is due to his cocky confidence of the backing he has that he thought he could afford NOT to attend the State Assembly sittings.

Well when it comes to the law, it will be hard to dispute the basis of the declaration of the State Speaker, Teng Chang Khim, who anticipated such questions by providing documentary evidence of Badrul Hisham’s non attendance for 6 months ….. including that of the November 8 sitting! click HERE


It’ll be interesting to see how the Election Commission will respond to this development ….. as all eyes will be on institutions that are pinnacles of our country’s democratic system.

This development should also serve as a lesson to aspiring politicians to take their roles seriously instead of one as a leech and an opportunist!


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