To those creeps who did it, it must be a great joke! The Sikh boy had the length of his hair cut by nearly half whilst asleep at the National Service camp. click HERE

The insensitivity and heartlessness remind me of a film about a white lawyer defending an African American man for killing two white fellahs who had brutally raped and murdered his daughter.

The court case took place in the deep South of America during a time where racial prejudice was still at its peak.

I saw this film many years ago that was based on a true story …. can’t remember its title but I do remember the defending lawyer’s closing arguments.

He said to the jury …..

  • Visualize this girl walking home on the dirt road after buying some provisions for her momma.

  • Visualize how a pick up truck with two burly men inside, stopping by the road side, grabbed the girl into the truck.

  • Visualize the truck being driven to a secluded spot in the forest near a ravine after which the two men brutally rape the girl for about two hours.

  • After satisfying their lust, visualize one of the men strangling the girl to death …. after which the other man throws her body down the ravine.

All this time, the racist jury members …. and racist judge were just visualizing with smirks on their faces …. thinking this ‘black’ dirt girl deserved what she got!

This was until the defending lawyer ended his closing argument by saying…….

  • Now visualize the poor murdered girl is WHITE and the men are BLACK!!

  • Would you have blamed the WHITE girl’s father for killing the BLACK men?

The African American father was acquitted.

Of course, the response in the case of the Sikh boy may be that cutting off his long hair is a small matter.

Well, one could also respond that the complaint about the high volume of one’s call to prayer is a small matter.

Empathy and Mutual Respect are key.


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