Sudan, a country which our own Malaysian Petronas has gone to where no other western country has done like-wise.

Sudan, a country ravaged by war, famine and sorrow …… primarily caused by the world generally turning a blind eye to it ….. with those who don’t, only seeking economic returns!

Finally, a resolution seems to be in sight …… though not a SOLUTION! The South is seceding from the North. click HERE

That seems to be the trend everywhere ….. countries, companies and people going their own way.

It is a trend that reflects entrenched interests prevailing over that of the general population, shareholders or communities.

The root of the problem is that power has been usurped by individuals bent on maintaining the status quo whereby they can continue with their foraging, indulgence and petulance!

It will ultimately result in the affected masses responding ….. sometimes in undesirable manners … leading either to catastrophic results, then a change in government …. or even a secession, like in the case of Singapore, back in the 1960s.

Najib must be aware that change is required ….. but it has to be tangible and effective, NOT done with ‘special cosmetics’!


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