We should thank the Almighty that the incident at Kuching Airport resulted only in 4 injuries.

This is the result of an Air Asia plane over-running and skidding off the run-way.

Knowing our SIS (Snake in Suit) man , Tony Fernandez, he has started blaming the Kuching Airport authorities for a whole host of short-comings ….. from short run-way to slippery surfaces.

Whilst this incident should not be taken lightly at all, it is important that our aviation authorities remain vigilant to safety notwithstanding the intense pressure placed by the likes of Tony Fernandez in wanting everything done his way …… resulting in the compromising of safety to the passengers!

I am sure SIS will vehemently deny such an accusation and will start producing all the SAFETY AWARDS received by Air Asia …… allegedly paid for by the man himself!!

But this is no laughing matter and this is not confined to the aviation industry alone. It cuts across the whole country.

Everyone is trying to show a 1Malaysia facade ….. with everything hunky dory, with everyone living as one big happy family ….. a perfect scenario for the UMNO led BN to call for elections!

That’s when short cuts take place, the truth is stifled, key facts are covered up or not recorded, some other party are made to agree to take responsibility …. even the recently legislated Whistle-blower Protection Act is seen as an instrument to weed out unsuspecting conscientious whistle-blowers!

Idris Jala, are you listening?

UPDATE (15 January 2011) : Looks like I am not the only one highlighting the short-changing by Tony Fernandez’s Air Asia; not only in terms of their planes but also their books i.e. how they allegedly fudge their books to look good. click HERE


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Hello, I enjoyed reading your blog.

I was wondering if I could ask a favour? I’m currently doing my disseration for my Master’s Degree and I’m wanting to ask people’s opinions on the subject of air travel. Especially of interest are those residents of Hong Kong.

If you could just take a few minutes to help complete my survey, I’d be most grateful.

Comment by Simon

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