As in the David Gates (of Bread fame) song, “If” …… If a picture paints a thousand words …. this is in a way an apt response from PAS (and hence meaning Pakatan Rakyat) to UMNO’s rabble rousing and intimidation during the last few months. Click HERE

The decent Malay majority do not appear to be cajoled, intimidated, persuaded nor corrupted into accepting the UMNO spin that ‘the others’ want to take over the country ….. and relegate the religion, royalty and Malay sovereignty to oblivion!

Maybe PAS should publish the number of non-Muslim supporters it has in terms of members to the PAS Supporters’ Club. I understand a similar club has also been established in London, England.

Does this not instill fear and trepidation in the UMNO establishment?

Najib’s 1Malaysia appears to be losing its lustre ….. the result of relying on rhetoric instead of tangible reforms and results!


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