Most people may not have given a second look or read into the altercation between the Federal Territories Minister, Raja Nong Chik and Maju Holdings Berhad head honcho, Abu Sahid a.k.a. Abu Juling.

This is about residents’ complaints about the developer, Maju, having utilised land that had been earmarked for other purposes ….. Raja Nong, being the solution provider, agreed to act as ‘go-between’.

I am sure Raja Nong did not anticipate or even desire to have such an outcome to the meeting …… but the rude manner in which a businessman would respond to a Minister, was to many, very unbecoming. click HERE

However for those who already have some inkling as to the goings-on beneath the murky waters of political-business cooperation, this outburst is just the tip of the massive iceberg!

Here you have a relatively inexperienced politician without the deep UMNO roots that most of the incumbents have …….. pitted against an UMNO croney that dates back to the Mahathir era.

Abu Sahid, a nobody who was then dealing in scrap metal, got his break (from Mahathir), after many years of grovelling, when he was given control of Perwaja Steel with massive government subsidies.

Whether he turned the company round or not is still being debated, but all is covered up with Kinsteel taking a controlling stake over the company ….. with Abu Sahid making another round of killing whilst maintaining a figure head role in the company.

With the monies that he had made, he managed to ‘persuade’ the government to let him develop Maju Junction along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman/Jalan Sultan Ismail, a shopping mall with two tower office blocks.

In order to make ends meet, he managed again to ‘persuade’ Lembaga Tabung Haji to acquire one of the towers at a very substantial sum, enough to cover the costs of his foray and make humongous profits at the same time!

The good story continues ….. Abu Sahid was next given the contract to build the highway linking Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya …… The Maju Expressway!

As the contractor and developer all rolled into one ….. the profits made by him can be best described as …… obscene!!

Now, if you’re an observer of Mahathir’s Malaysia, you will realize that it would be ‘unwise’ for Abu Sahid to hoard the monies earned all to himself.

He needs to make contributions to charities, causes …… and ‘pihak-pihak yang tertentu’!

And when you do that, you somehow get much ‘clout’ especially if the recipients are VVIPs!

That clout amassed by Abu Sahid, or anyone in that position for that matter, will naturally convert into arrogance after which he thinks he can do no wrong and insist that things go their way!

Now that is the UMNO CRONEY way!!

So, coming back to the business of Abu Sahid …..

He then moves on to becoming a developer ….. in this case in Cheras where he undertakes to develop the area, the development plan of which is  agreed with the Kuala Lumpur City Hall or DBKL.

But agreements are meant to be broken …. as it appears to Abu Sahid and his ilk ….. hence the disgruntlement from residents culminating in the intervention of the Federal Territories Minister, who convenes a meeting with the developer, Maju Holdings Berhad.

Abu Sahid comes barging into the meeting ….. irritated by this small-fart Minister from UMNO, who reports to his ‘friends’ higher up in UMNO.

End result : A Shouting Confrontation which embarrasses UMNO and Najib.

Thanks to the Mahathir Croney Philosophy, Najib is beginning to realize that it is becoming difficult to ‘get off the tiger(s) without being eaten’!


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