The resignation of Misbun Sidek as coach at the Badminton Association of Malaysia or BAM was somehow a foregone conclusion.

It’s just a question of what incident that finally ‘broke the camel’s back’!

As usual, the BAM establishment will claim that what is being implemented is ‘KAIZEN’ i.e. continuous improvement in the running of the organization.

But let’s not forget that for an organization like BAM, the end result or what is now popularly referred to as KPI (Key Performance Indicator) depends very much on people like Misbun Sidek to deliver.

You don’t really want to upset these people especially when they are delivering.

One may dispute the ‘delivery’ bit but all things considered, I would say that Misbun Sidek has been a revelation as a badminton coach ….. and a Malaysian at that!

The key factor is his commitment and passion to the game.

Let’s not forget that he has coached two All England singles champions ….. Hafiz Hashim in 2003 and Lee Chong Wei last year …. besides having been a finalist too in his playing days.

So to all those ‘toll collectors’ in BAM ……. lay off Misbun and let him do his job as he sees fit.


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