Like they say ….. the only constant is CHANGE.

It may be commented that PAS never learns. Don’t they remember being played out by UMNO at the opportune time and even lost the state of Kelantan then …… after then PAS leader, Dato Asri took PAS into the Barisan Nasional?

I am of course referring to the purported unity talks again between UMNO and PAS ….. this time apparently at the urging of the King! click HERE

It appears that Tok Guru, Nik Aziz seems to be the only key leader who remembers. What about the others?

Again, this attempt is not new or a one off.

It is part of the elaborate scheme to kill off Najib’s nemesis ….. Anwar Ibrahim.

So many leaders have left UMNO in controversial fashion in the past and have never been able to gain the political upper-hand since …….. Onn Jaafar and Tengku Razaleigh immediately come to mind. Even Rais Yatim!!

The EXCEPTION is Anwar Ibrahim.

He showed it by remaining steadfast whilst in detention and when released, exhibited his political flair and prowess to galvanize the ‘troops’ in the March 2008 General Elections to a significant political break-through although ineligible to contest.

One can even sense the trepidation of his political foes when he speaks at rallies …… to the point he was literally prevented from speaking recently. click HERE

It is no wonder that attempts to discredit him and the party he leads (Parti Keadilan Rakyat or People’s Justice Party) are getting to the point of desperate and ridiculous.

Notwithstanding the behind the scene maneuvers, it amazes observers like me that a political party like UMNO can think that they can buy over the political loyalty of their race …… purely by instilling fear …. fear of being taken over by the ‘others’.

Boy, having known and dealt with so many Malay leaders, and these leaders are increasing exponentially, this is but the ultimate insult to them or anyone for that matter.


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