Kudos to Najib for effectively sanctioning the prosecution of UMNO’s Dr Khir Toyo for corruption involving land on which the latter’s palatial home is located.

The fact that Najib was prepared to take the plunge already indicates how well he has consolidated his position within UMNO since he came on board as President in 2009.

What was however disturbing was the statement attributed to Attorney General Gani Patail that several witnesses to the case would be given full protection …. so that people will know not to ‘mess’ with the witnesses!

Well, this provides ample insight to how things operate in political Malaysia, at least.

It also raises the legitimate question of whether the ‘Rule of Law’ will again prevail OR it is ‘Selective Prosecution’ that will continue to prevail?

There are some sceptical quarters that think that Najib wants a new leader to helm Selangor UMNO in order to regain the State at the next General Elections, and hence the ‘removal’ of Khir Toyo.

I’ll personally still let ‘the jury stay out there’ for the moment ….. but let’s not forget that many of our UMNO led Barisan Nasional leaders have palatial homes in and outside of the country …… especially with questions on the manner in which those palatial homes had been procured ……… remember ‘Istana Zakaria Deros’?

I’m sure Najib, will at the same time, NOT want to stir a hornets’ nest!


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