I wouldn’t say that the Barisan Nasional convention at the MCA Building (click HERE) AND the march to the National Palace supported by the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Government was a co-incidence.

I believe the march was meant to dent whatever impact that would arise from Najib’s rallying call to the population, especially the Chinese, to back the Barisan Nasional.

Well, the usual hard approach taken by the police against the marchers further dented the ‘look good’ and ‘feel good’ factors that the UMNO led Barisan Nasional is trying to foster.

Things are getting bad, things are getting rough, cracks are beginning to appear in the daily affairs of administration, bread and butter stuff is becoming the talk of the coffee shop occupants.

Say what you like, this kind of scenario will always negatively hit the Federal Government of the day.

How much the Federal Government can deflect to the Pakatan Rakyat State Governments depends on the spins that are to be concocted.

Personally, I don’t think it will be successful especially when two of those states, Penang & Selangor have been commended by the Auditor-General himself for the states’ fiscal prudence and performance!

Today’s events only lay bare the inconsistencies of the Federal Government in espousing for transparent governance and parliamentarians being the choice of the people, on the one hand AND bailing out their cronies using tax-payers’ money when it comes to the management of the scarce resource of potable water, on the other!

Maybe Najib is beginning to realise that it is nearly impossible to stage manage events consistently when the fundamentals have not been fixed!


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