I recall in my younger days that the term ‘Tuan’ was reserved for the ‘Kwai Lows’ i.e. the British ….. who were then Malaya’s colonial masters.

Even the Sultans at that time were effectively under the thumb of the British in the form of those ‘British Residents’ ….. people like Hugh Low, Henry Birch etc come to mind.

I have always thought it condescending for the Malayans to degrade themselves to the point that any ‘Kwai Low’ ….. even a British road sweeper who came to Malaya ….. would be given the tag, ‘Tuan’.

To illustrate the significance of the term ‘Tuan’, one just has to consider Muslims who have performed the Haj pilgrimage would be referred to as ‘Tuan Haji’. It is almost like a term of reverence.

It is therefore without any surprise that many Malayans/Malaysians were very against the superiority complex of the British who hailed themselves as people who knew just about everything!

Fast forward to the present …… and now we are faced with the issue of the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ or the ‘Malay Supremacy’.

What? Does UMNO want to take over the mantle of the British?

Is this a superiority complex issue or the opposite?

Anyway, I don’t think there has ever been an issue with Section 153 of the Constitution. That was embedded in the Constitution and should never be questioned.

The real issue is about the implementation of those rights ….. something that people in PKR, DAP and PAS have the guts to raise!

And it is because of those guts that the Prime Minister, Najib finds it timely to attempt to put things right ….. the most recent being the New Economic Model.

Now, let’s get to the implementation ….. and put a lid on the rest!!


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