Dear old Rais Yatim appears to have fallen into the ‘Lion’s Lair’ when he appeared to have directed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (under his Information Ministry) to ‘take action’ against Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan. click HERE and HERE

I have to admit that ‘there is some bad in good and some good in bad’ …. the key is to see the good in both!

So whilst we can all see Rocky as being the lead shit stirrer for Najib, he appears also to be expected to do the hatchet job ….. like facilitating the ‘retirement’  of politicians e.g. naming and shaming UMNO insiders for alleged irregularities …. and if not refuted, will result in that insider becoming an ‘outsider’ at the next elections!

It is therefore imperative for Rais Yatim to respond and refute clearly and transparently the innuendos and insinuations lunged at him.

Should he be able to do so, it will be enough basis for him in turn to put Rocky out to pasture.

Should he not be able to do so, Rais Yatim  himself will be history come the next elections!

As simple as that!


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