Observers are already giving the ‘standing count’ to our country ambitious ETP a.k.a. Economic Transformation Program.

(Note: A standing count in boxing is to enable the referee to stop the fight and see if the boxer (in duress) can continue with the fight)

Maybe these are the kind of stimulants that worked in the past especially during the era of Mahathirism.

But past is the past …. and we are in current times …. and our leaders appear oblivious that times have changed …. much to the Rakyat’s consternation.

As quite rightly articulated by one, our policy framework is just out-of-sync with the current situation at hand.

So long as this fundamental structure is not addressed to expeditiously, you can have all the ETPs, NEMs, Khazanahs and 1Malaysias …. but they will be just illusions.

One of the key reasons why things never get off the ground is that we have too many chiefs (usually Little Napoleons) and too few Indians (Red, I mean) to do the work. I am referring to the EPU, Khazanah, Pemandu, NEAM, BNM, SC etc etc.

Maybe it’s about time, it is concentrated and coordinated at one source.

So far, the one that stands out as a steady ship is Bank Negara Malaysia ….. thanks mostly to the strong leaderships of the Governors, a legacy of the late Tun Ismail Ali.

But alas, everything in Malaysia seems to depend on the political will!


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