It is most distressing, especially when one considers the young children left behind, to read about the brutal murder of Sosilawaty and her associates.

It becomes even more distressing when it is now reported that the alleged murderers may be linked to at least 9 other missing individuals …. who are now feared to have met with the same fate as Sosilawaty.

I understand these other missing individuals’ relatives had also made reports to the police …. similar to what Sosilawaty’s family had done.

The question that is bound to be asked when it comes to the stage of ‘what lessons have been learnt from this episode’ would be …… does the case need to have a high profile individual involved for it to be adequately investigated into?

Maybe it’s the usual issues like lack of resources, lack of talent, lack of training etc.

But let’s not forget, the more these crimes are left unsolved, the more they will be committed with impunity.

This applies to all sorts of crimes …… and is not confined to murders alone!

This reminds me of the case against the murderers of the Mongolian girl, Altantuya, where it was mentioned in court that the site of the murder is an area where other such grisly crimes could have occurred!

That is chilling!

Both these crimes provide us with a legitimate concern and hope that they are not prevalent in Malaysia.

And with the entry of our new Inspector General of Police, we also hope that when he said, “I will do my best”, it is not purely rhetorical!


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