It was with much amusement reading about the desperate ways in which the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government is trying to appease and win back the support, in this case, of the non-Malays. click HERE

Everything nowadays seem to be seen under the prism of what race you represent.

Relegating the police officer to a desk job for castigating the poor woman for not being able to speak the Malay language misses the whole point!

The more important point here is that the woman, or any Malaysian who has had an education (everyone should, right?) should not only have the ability to speak Malay (our national language) but also other languages ….. especially English.

It is quite obvious why English is top of my list ….. it is spoken the world over and communication is essential in this rough and tumble world that we live in.

Even Indian and Malay families are sending their children to Chinese schools to learn the latter’s lingo.

I would! After all, did they not say that China will be the next economic power and doing business with them is inevitable?

So, if one is able to have a more than reasonable command of English, Chinese and Malay (considering the huge potential in Indonesia too under SBY), would it not put that individual in good stead for the future?

By the way, I think Malaysians should also try to master Hindi or Tamil!!


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