Remember Elie Youssef Najem? He is supposed to be a billionaire …. third richest man in the world. Even ex-Minister, Farid Ariffin was duped by this Elie …. whose subsequent life story became a farce and laughing stock of the tabloids!

Then there was this Sabah politician, Jeffrey Wong, who claimed that he was bestowed a ‘knighthood’ from Queen Elizabeth herself. There was even a ‘doctored’ picture of both Queen and the man himself!

And lately, there is this dispute between Vinod Sekhar, a Forbes ranked 16th richest man in Malaysia, and the Insolvency Department over his bankruptcy status arising from non payment of RM12 million to his creditors! I recall news of him nearly having had himself evicted from his rented home ….. for non payment of the rent! click HERE

What was originally a source of incredulity and light entertainment has now developed into a monster of sorts that is running out of control!

Behavior like this now is being carried out with impunity and total dis-regard for the laws of the land.

It is made worse by the fact that enforcers of the law are  ‘inertia-ed’ for some reason or the other for certain cases and ‘not so’ for other cases …… an example of the latter being the prosecution of someone for his satirical flair!

Just as in the case of knowledge, a ‘law’ that is actively enforced is profoundly worth more than a law that is left idle ….. especially when it is begging to be utilised or enforced!

What really concerns the rakyat is that if left unchecked, these ‘monsters’ will become a law unto themselves and will be difficult to subsequently eradicate …. as is being experienced in Mexico with the drug cartels, with enforcement officers being brutally and callously murdered.

To think that Malaysia will never take that route would be fool-hardy ….. just like how they mocked Idris Jala when he warned of the consequences of not being thrifty and wise in our expenditure.


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