What is the purpose of securing a ‘Letter of Support’ from a State Executive Councillor?

Does it allow the recipient to ‘jump queue’ when it comes to the awarding of contracts by the State Government?

Does it place an ‘unwritten’ obligation on the State Government Secretariat to award the contract to the party with the Letter of Support?

Isn’t it obvious that allowing the issuance of ‘Letter of Support’ only sows the seeds for corruption when parties realise that others who have such Letters of Support have had a better chance of securing contracts compared to those who didn’t?

Okay, dear old Ronnie Liu is claiming that his letter heads had been mis-used and forged in issuing such Letters of Support. He had better make sure his office personnel especially his Personal Assistant are trustworthy and reliable. Click HERE for Ronnie’s open letter about his frustrations.

It is comforting to note that Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng has now directed that Letters of Support should only be confined to purposes like application for welfare assistance, hawkers’ licenses, reduction of summonses etc. click HERE

Maybe an idea for Guan Eng and Ronnie to direct their staff to identify any other gaps in the system that can be exploited which will waste further productive time that could be utilised in resolving more important issues in their respective states.


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