I was quite stunned when I came across a local newspaper article reporting the government’s proposal to restrict the criteria to qualify for cases to be referred to the Industrial Court.

We all know that employee protection in this country leaves a lot to be desired. This may explain the overwhelming number of cases now facing our Industrial Court.

It is therefore perplexing that the government should now consider restricting cases to be referred by now proposing to exclude those earning more than RM10,000 per month, those on probation and those on fixed contractual terms. click HERE

It is good that the Bar Council is making an issue out of this. What is more of concern is that the government did not consult the key stakeholders before coming out with this proposal.

Is this something the government wanted to push through quietly? Where is the transparency?

More importantly, how does this reflect on all the vision that the Najib administration has been espousing since he came on board?

It doesn’t matter if one is earning RM5,000 per month or RM10,ooo monthly, they are wage earners all the same.

God, hasn’t the Chief Secretary of the Government realised that the Little Napoleons need to be brought in line or else their political masters will look like fools!

Do it in a subtle manner or do it directly ….. but Sidek has to do it ….. rein in the Little Napoleons and replace them with able persons …. plus the checks and balances in place, so that these able persons do not become Little Napoleons subsequently!


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