Well, another one bites the dust …. the latest being Keshvinder Singh.

Who says Malaysia is going bankrupt? There is so much money abound. These froggies will testify to it!

And the monies keeps escalating so much that even the Barisan Nasional state representatives of Perak are getting jealous ….. to the point that they are now sending signals of defecting over to Pakatan Rakyat ….. unless of course they get what these ex-Pakatan froggies got!

It is no wonder that Vincent Tan is taking this opportunity to get his Ascot license issued from the UMNO led government ….. because it is towkays like them who provide the supporting ‘juice’ to facilitate froggies like Keshvinder Singh and Wee Choo Keong to become ‘friendly independents to Barisan Nasional’!

At the same time, Najib is aware of most Malaysians’ (except Mahathir, of course) repulsion to gambling which is viewed as an undesirable social ill …. and is therefore struggling to keep his distance from the controversy! click HERE

But Vincent Tan is taking none of this back-tracking from Najib ….. after all, Vincent Tan has supported the UMNO led government so ‘willingly’ in its various projects like winning back control of the Perak state government.

So what is this ‘juice’ that Keshvinder got that prompted him to jump ship?

Keshvinder himself made allegations (reported in Malaysiakini) that he was being offered millions of ringgit to do exactly that.

It is no wonder that the public will perceive Keshvinder, like Wee Choo Keong, to have succumbed to the allure of money.

If they were really principled, they would have resigned and sought a by-election to stay in office.

What a shame!


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