Before we start to think that our MACC has turned over a new leaf under 1Malaysia, think again.

Before we start to think that MACC’s action against the ‘Sabah Cronies’ is part of Najib’s clean up of corruption in Malaysia, think again.

Yes, I am referring to the arrest of various individuals since last month that emanated from the intervention of the Hongkong’s ICAC i.e. Independent Commission Against Corruption.

 Apparently, if the ICAC had not pushed the matter (that involved a crony, Michael Chia, caught in Hongkong with RM16m cash on him), action from our own MACC would have been muted.

And why is that? As usual, it is the political ramifications that caused MACC to make those arrests … to protect the political ‘rajas’ or princelings …. so that the fall-guys will be their cronies, as always.

Besides the blogs, the only prominent news portal to report about the Sabah Cronies is Malaysiakini, especially with the arrest of senior lawyer from Sabah without naming that person. I understand it is Richard Christopher Barnes, a Burmese born crony of the past few Chief Ministers of Sabah.

Malaysians should not be too surprised about these slush funds in Sabah that amount to the billions of Ringgit. Such were their wealth and might that they could even purchase private jets e.g. Jet 20 Falcons for their travels. Who says Tiong King Sing of the Port Klang Free Zone infamy is the only one who could afford these jets?

This nonsense is not a recent phenomenon. Back in the days of Tun Mustapha in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was known to have owned a Boeing 707!

It is therefore quite embarrassing for the UMNO led government to require a foreign anti-corruption agency to have the will (and expertise) to expose this long-standing disease that is engulfing Malaysia.

This disease also looks like it has spread to Malaysian listed companies in that two, not one, of those arrested last month are CEOs of Sabah-based public listed companies.

This is assuming that portals like (sister portal of Malaysiakini?) are to be believed.

Why am I not surprised? 

The two are in fact brothers, Andrew Lim Nyuk Foh and Freddy Lim Nyuk Sang.

Andrew Lim is the controlling shareholder and CEO of Priceworth Wood Products Berhad and has been extradited to Hongkong to be charged!

Freddy Lim is the controlling shareholder and CEO of Kretam Holdings Berhad and was once arrested under the Internal Security Act in the late 1980s for economic sabotage and banished to a small town in Peninsular Malaysia! He was then a runner for the then Chairman of Yayasan Sabah (that issues timber concessions), Jeffrey Kitingan, the younger brother of then Sabah Chief Minister, Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

In the case of Freddy, it makes you wonder how a person with such an ‘illustrious’ background could be allowed to run a public listed company!


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I am still waiting to hear a formal charge being made against these people.I want to know whether they are the real thieves and looters or just a front for someone more important.How could this thing happens and no one goes to jail? Some heads have got to roll to be fair to Sabahans who have been shortchanged by politicians and their cronies for so long.Sabahans want justice.Please give it to them.

Comment by kenwang

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