I can recall vividly that one of the reasons for the severe General Elections loss in March 2008 by the UMNO led Barisan Nasional was the steep spike in the petrol price to RM2.70 per litre.

That caused pandemonium in the working class section of Malaysia who virtually live from hand to mouth. People who drive to work had to relegate themselves to motor cycles. Families that had three dishes per meal had to down-grade themselves to two. Families that had at least a 5 day holiday per year overseas or locally, had to reduce it to a day trip!

Such was the impact of that particular increase in price and its ensuing effect on other items, that the back-lash against the government of the day was bound to be severe ….. hence the loss of the UMNO led government’s two thirds majority in Parliament.

Just over two years after that March 2008 General Elections mauling, the UMNO led government is again proposing increases in prices …. resulting in the cuts in government subsidies.

This time round though, the increases in costs are to be done gradually such that it would hopefully not result in a knee-jerk reaction! click HERE

I don’t think reasonable Malaysians have objections to the reduction or doing away with subsidies ….. if it could prevent the bankruptcy of the government and its ensuing anarchy, similar to that of Greece, or worst still Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe!

The crux of Malaysians concern …. and hence scepticism, is that whilst the ordinary Malaysians are paying ‘through their noses’ for items that are now not subsidised, the government linked companies and agencies are losing monies ‘through its bowels’ …. unnecessarily and wastefully!!!

Need I mention about the Bank Islam fiasco in Labuan, Tabung Haji fiasco involving asset management companies, Port Klang Free Zone scandal and oh so recently, the sickening Sime Darby cost over-runs!

And if one is to infer that these were one-offs, what about those of the yester-years like the Bumiputra Finance scandal in Hongkong, the Sime Bank losses by Ismail Zakaria of RM1.8 billion and the UEM bailout of Halim Saad!

It is imperative that the government addresses the issue of corruption and the severe prosecution of those perpetrators at the same time before they can even think of getting ‘buy-ins’ from the Rakyat at large. These are bread and butter items for them which they can only respond via the ballot box.

Failing which, the UMNO led government (through the action of PEMANDU head, Idris Jala), will only be doing a huge favour for the Pakatan Rakyat opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim!!

Be forewarned!!

UPDATE (29 May 2010) : As expected, the Pakatan Rakyat has jumped on the bandwagon after Idris Jala’s honest and factual declaration that the country will go bankrupt if Malaysia continues to be governed the way it has been since the commencement of Mahathirism. click HERE

UPDATE (30 May 2010) : Well, Najib is on the back-foot not only with the ‘government will go bankrupt by 2019 if nothing is done ….. he was also whip-lashed on the New Economic Model at the recent Bumiputra Economic Congress. And of course the government came in for a mauling if they send in an academic Secretary of the National Economic Advisory Committee (Normah Mansur) to give the key-note address! click HERE for Malaysiakini’s report pasted on this other blog.

And as expected, there was the meek and defensive response from Najib that the NEM is not finalised. click HERE

Are we to bite the bullet? Or are we to pander to the ‘whinings’ of a group that has lost touch with reality as a result of having enjoyed for too long the spoils of their abuse of a past policy that was actually to assist the needy and dis-advantaged Rakyat of Malaysia and not parasites like them?


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