We all know that MACC, under its new head, is trying very hard to improve its image and to counter the public perception that it is a tool of the government.

There has already been talk of placing the MACC chief on par with the Inspector General of Police!

There has been some arrests here and there for graft ….. but the negative perception is still there for most if not all of the Rakyat!

And because of this, yesterday’s report by the New Straits Times that the MACC is stepping into the Sime Darby fray was certainly a cause of concern for all. click HERE

Of course, for the uninitiated, the emergence of the MACC in a case like Sime Darby’s especially with insinuation that fraud had taken place would only be expected.

Ah, that is why that kind of logic is confined to the uninitiated!

For the sceptics (or cynics, depending on which side of the divide you are on), the speculation now is that because there is concern that the recipients of those ‘hot money’ may be exposed ….. MACC is being asked to step in …. to ensure that the ‘X-POSE’ does not take place.

The emergence of a ‘government’ directed entity to ‘take over’ investigations is not dissimilar to the appointment of the task force headed by the Chief Secretary of the Government, Mohd Sidek to look into the Port Klang Free Zone fiasco ….. following the explosive expose’ initiated by the team put together by Transport Minister, Ong Tee Keat.

Notice how quiet the Port Klang Free Zone fiasco has been since the ‘take-over’ by the Mohd Sidek task force!

Will we  be seeing the same kind of silence subsequently with MACC taking over the ‘investigations’ of the Sime Darby fiasco?

Should this be the case, it will only confirm the suspicion by many that the billions of Ringgit lost by these two entities somehow ended up with parties with close links to the UMNO led government of Malaysia ….



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