Well, he’s finally done it.

Yes, Wee Choo Keong has finally confirmed to everyone that he has been bought! Also confirms what I said back in March. click HERE

And it must have been an attractive price if one is to consider the years that he had persevered as an opposition politician … and the perceived principles that he had stood by!

I thought he would be a good role model and that was the reason I described him in my side bar as one of the most hardworking members of parliament.

All that goes to the rubbish dump with his desertion of the party …. on some flimsy excuse that he is fed up with his party (or Pakatan Rakyat) in dealing with corruption.

My God, in the eyes of everyone, he is the biggest perpetrator of corruption.

He is now trying to create a smoke-screen by pointing his tainted finger at ‘improprieties’ in the Selangor state government. Such cheap publicity. Click HERE

Wee Choo Keong has proven the often mentioned phrase that …. ‘Everyone has a price’.

All you need to do is to see to his needs (or is it his wants) …. and what else can it be …. cash or benefits in kind?

But if you already have the ‘kind’ in the form of a concubine, cold hard cash is what he will stash!!

Shame on you, WEE-WEE!!

It is no wonder DAP dumped you. They saw the rubbish in you a long time ago.

Resign as Member of Parliament!

UPDATE (17 May 2010) – Wee-wee has responded to Tok Guru’s description of party frogs (like Wee-wee) as immature. click HERE

Wee-wee maintains that his resignation was due to party intimidation of defamation suits! Yawn!

He further compares himself to Tok Guru’s leaving the Barisan Nasional in 1977 and yet did not resign as a people’s representative. He conveniently excludes fact that Tok Guru did not leave alone. PAS left en masse!!

The other major difference was that Tok Guru or PAS for that matter weren’t paid off to leave the Barisan Nasional then!

Resign as Member of Parliament of Wangsa Maju!


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Inilah ahli politik yg serupa “wolf in sheep’s skin” yg cakap tak serupa bikin. Kita tak payah ahli politik yg sentiasa cari kesempatan untuk memajukan kemewahan diri. Wee Choo Keong macam mana kamu hendak menghadapi masyarakat sekarang? Saya kesian kamu.

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