Notice all these issues that do not reflect well on the UMNO led government usually surfaces after a by-election?

In the case of Aminulrasyid Amzah, I am quite sure the incident would be kept under wraps strenuously by the authorities if it had occurred just prior to Hulu Selangor by elections on 25 April 2010!

The latest fall-out involves the what was deemed an innocuous announcement by Murphy Oil that they had closed down their operations at Block L and M in the East Malaysian concession near Sarawak for reasons that it was not within the jurisdiction of Malaysia.

Our dear Tun Dr M has viciously pointed his damning finger on dear old Pak Lah …. for ceding the oil explorations rights to these areas in return for Brunei withdrawing their claim for Limbang in Sarawak. click HERE

Quite honestly, I am not really interested here in whether or not Pak Lah screwed up or not …… rather why such an important meeting between two heads of state was not meticulously followed up on. It does not matter if Petronas representatives were present or not at the meeting.

If senior Foreign Ministry staff were present, it would suffice provided the minutes of meeting(s) and the terms set out should have been followed through including drawing in the Petronas people at a later stage.

The fact that this matter is exploding at the level of Tun Dr M and followed up by a statement of rebuttal by Tun Pak Lah clearly points to the absolute negligence and shoddiness in the way our civil service has been operating.

The head of our civil service, Datuk Sidek, has got his hands full …. it is not only the corruption issue that is of paramount concern, it is also the diligence and vigilance that is of equal concern to our country.

Imagine, this kind of incompetence might even affect national security ….. a real problem considering the lackadaisical approach to our security equipment like the loss of our F5E jet engines. In this regard, Defence Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should do away with his famous mantra – “It’s not your technical KNOW HOW that matters, it’s your TECHNICAL KNOW WHO”!! Concentrate on the former now!

It is therefore understandable for Najib to pick Idris Jala to take the lead in its ‘Government Transformation Programme’.

To get an inkling as to whether this GTP will work out, one only has to see the results of the various ‘Transformation Programmmes’ carried out by various government/regulatory agencies over the years.

From those results, you can all do an extrapolation …. and then decide for yourselves if it will work!

Based on my own limited and possibly ‘bigoted’ (if I can quote Gordon Brown) point of view, it certainly does not make good reading!!

UPDATE: 01 MAY 2010 – PETRONAS STATEMENT: DAMAGE CONTROL OR COVER-UP? Bernama has released a statement from Petronas stating that it had been invited to develop the two blocks of exploration areas (Block L & M) under contention. click HERE

That, my friends, is generally how our bureaucracy and incumbent politicians work! Reaction, reaction and reaction!!

Never is there any action of substance!

Of course, people like ex-Information Minister, Zainuddin Maidin would respond (as he did to Aljazeera) that at least, Malaysia has an ‘erection every five years’!! click HERE


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