How arrogant can you be? Najib responded that Barisan Nasional did not buy votes … rather solved problems. click HERE

At least it was acknowledged by BN that they used a substantial amount of money for this election.

Every question seems to have a ready answer. It’s as though UMNO has been tutored to perfection!

Yes, BN did solve its problems in getting votes (to win the ‘buy election’) by buying it with taxpayers’ money as alleged by Anwar Ibrahim!

I do wonder if this is part of the RM76 million spent on that Jewish outfit that managed to get Najib those meetings and back-patting sessions with the big wigs in the States?

It even gets  better – Barisan Nasional Secretary General, Tengku Adnan Mansor declared that the Chinese in Hulu Selangor will not be PUNISHED for voting Pakatan Rakyat! click HERE

And this is after achieving its only third by-election win out of TEN by-elections since the March 2008 General Elections!! Talk about cockiness!

It looks like they have upped the ante a notch higher.

It is quite obvious that the UMNO led government is trying to target the Chinese as the trouble makers and at the same time, discredit Malays in the Pakatan Rakyat like the AKZ Ibrahim Trio, (Anwar, Khalid and  Zaid), by labeling them as Malay traitors!

As for PAS, UMNO is trying (but not succeeding) to take the moral high ground on issues like liquor, caning and de-meaning cartoons!

Well, at least their action is clear for all to see ….. the form, that is.

In time, one may realise that it is bereft of substance.

It is therefore timely for Pakatan Rakyat to respond whilst at the same time for Anwar Ibrahim and his People’s Justice Party to do some soul searching and self reflection in its quest to be ready for the next General Elections!


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