Well, as they say ….. I told you so!

Various sums have been quoted for the Barisan Nasional win in Hulu Selangor yesterday but yes, it was indeed a BUY – ELECTION (as opposed to a by-election).

It was said that we should not allow situations to be created whereby we could be lured by the scent of money.

But what if the corrupter comes a-knocking and flagging all that bunch of fifty ringgit notes in front of you. You’d be snared in no time!!

Well, it looks as though that was the case in most of the rural areas of Hulu Selangor. The town folk were not that easily smitten. That seems to be case for most of Malaysia when it comes to the towns and urban areas …. they seem to be more aware of what is happening around them.

Does that mean the rural areas are the domain of the UMNO led government? Not too sure about that ….. as they would have the PAS machinery to contend with …. and that is quite a mighty and disciplined machinery!

So it boils down to the usual money factor. Can the UMNO led government pay this kind of money when the next General Elections come along?

Answer: Unlikely.

Which means that from now until the next General Elections ….. you’ll find more rhetoric on race, taunting, threats, citizenship (revocation, that is), accusations of disrespect to King and country, supremacy of race, social contract, ‘kurang ajar’ accusations and the rot!!

So sit tight …. the show has just started!


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What happens if you are caught in between a oral sex man and a anal sex man ???
Answer: You are be screwed in the wrong holes simultaneously.You need good nasib not to get AIDS ( Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome ).Our economy is suffering from AIDS.
Look at Tiong King Sing screwing the taxpayers of 12.5 billion ringgit.He is not even charged in court.Look at Chua Soi Lek.In Hokkien it means ” Bring in nasty characters “Look at the group of ” Soi Cai ” that he brought into Wisma MCA.I bet they are going to renovate a floor of Wisma MCA as MCA Health Center soon.
So that they can relax under soothing hands,legs and mouths and talk politics.
Look at Anwar being sold by his trusted members all over again and again like some cheap Chow Kit prostitute.

Comment by Yaa Siew Lian

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