It looks as though the APCO issue raised originally by Anwar Ibrahim …. and in which the government was trying so hard to defend or cover-up …. has finally hit something worth taking note of!

The government had paid the public relations firm, APCO, approximately RM76 million to ‘re-build the relationship with the United States of America’ ….. a relationship that had been severly damaged over the 22 years of Mahathir rule! click HERE.

It is no wonder that Najib got the ‘extra 10 minutes of talk time with Obama’ over the budgeted 30 minutes!

It is no wonder that Najib got the constant pat in the back from Vice President Joe Biden.

It is no wonder that Najib (as Finance Minister) got to have the meeting with Treasury Secretary, Tim Geitner to talk about world economics!

It is no wonder that all those wonderful things happened for good ol’ Najib during his trip to the United States.

It was paid for with tax-payers’ money in order to make all the above happen ….. and it was to the tune of RM76 million!

Boy, there sure is going to be lots to talk about during the campaigning for the Hulu Selangor and Sibu parliamentary seats.

It looks like it is back to the Mahathirism days of managing the economy …. all other efforts seem to be rhetoric only. Even Idris Jala indicated in his lecture to MCA leaders that whilst most surveyed agreed that change has to take place, more than 75% believed that ‘the government can deliver this transformation …. in a 100 years’ time’. click HERE 

Whilst most can take it in jest, it is a reflection of the real challenges facing the government that lacks the political will to change …. especially when Najib is known to be the exact opposite of Mahathir!!

Pakatan Rakyat should be comforted that the threshold of changing from doing wrong to right CANNOT be reached by UMNO and its cohorts. All it needs to do now is to steadily and calmly work towards the next General Elections slated for the year 2013 ….. and developing and building up a steady supply of trust-worthy cadres willing to walk the talk.

Pakatan Rakyat should not have a problem getting these cadres ….. because most of them are in the group called the SILENT MAJORITY!

UPDATE (17 April 2010) : Well, it’s in the foreign press now with Malaysia being the laughing stock again. Mahathir, in response, said that he would not pay as he would do it differently if in power …. he conveniently seems to forget that he used the ‘money route’ too in order to meet then President George W Bush in 2002. click HERE



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