I was recently involved in a discussion whereby the issue of why is it that our country, Malaysia, keeps getting it wrong …. especially with its many flip flop decisions.

Other countries seem to get by ….. well at least that is the perception …. discounting the usual biasness!

I then recall a leader (now mentor) of a neighboring country once commenting that:

‘…. we (the neighboring country) are the standing indictment of all the things Malaysia can and should be doing differently ….’

It would then dawn on us that it is not so much that we Malaysians are stupid or ignorant in any way. After all, that neighboring country that is doing things differently, comprises ex-Malaysians anyway!!

It is therefore quite logical to conclude that the decision made for many things were in fact made not in the interest of the country ….. rather it was made for self interest purposes.

Malaysia seems to be a seriously conflicted country!

The so-called checks and balances do not appear to be applied in reality.

Sometimes, the excuse used is that there isn’t enough expertise around to make that check and balance a reality.

It’s like the proverbial story of getting the wolf to guard over the sheep during the night!

Sometimes the appointments of these ‘wolves’ are as a result of the heavy lobbying carried out by the interested parties ….. we seem to be adopting the Washington style now after lobbyists were alleged to have been paid to arrange for a meeting between the then sitting leaders of United States and Malaysia!

These lobbying, I understand, is very heavy and they would quote and unquote powers to be in order to get their way. Even a simple SMS just prior to voting is a norm!!

So unless we seek to de-generate further into the abyss, it may be wise for key leaders to ponder and reflect on the follies of being manipulated by the likes of these parasites!!

UPDATE (9 April 2010): Contrary to what you may think, the parasites here will generally take the form of ‘big guns’ who come along with grand names and ‘fierce’ connections ….. very unlike those unknowns who work conscientiously for the good of Ugama (any of the great religions), Bangsa (1Malaysian) and Negara (Team Malaysia)!


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