That’s the trouble with people like Hishamuddin Hussein, the Home Minister.

When others hold up a mirror in front of people like him, they don’t like what they see ….. and yet they blame the ones for holding up that mirror!! (Click HERE)

It is for that reason I always believe that every one of us has that spark of celestial fire called ….. conscience.

How people react to that ‘conscience’ is another matter, though!!

I suppose that is the tragedy of it all ….. I recall someone secular (David Puttnam, I believe) saying that one of the biggest tragedies of the world is the inability of many to make the connection between cause and effect.

In the Malaysian context though, the ‘wayang kulit’ (shadow play) is so much a way of life, not only amongst politicians, but in every fabric of Malaysian society. It is indeed a cultural shock for many foreigners who come to Malaysian shores to work ….. especially the OZs!!

Coming back to Hishamuddin, I don’t think he should be pushing it too far with his rhetoric, lest he wants an additional label to his ‘Kerisamuddin’ infamy!

Idris Jala had already indicated that two of the biggest concerns of the Rakyat is crime and corruption ….. two vices that come very much under his jurisdiction.

So Mr Hishamuddin, please get to work …… it’s your KPI anyway!


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