March 25, 2010, 11:26 pm
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Early this morning saw the passing of someone whom I had known all my life ….. someone who was initially despised by many …. but later on in life became someone others sought to emulate.

She was someone who epitomized patience, caring, compassion and love. She reminds me of the scene in the movie, ‘The Samurai’, when Tom Cruize told the King, “I won’t tell you how (s)he died. Instead I’ll tell you how (s)he lived her life”.

She was such a difficult and feared person in her early life that many could not believe that she could change into the kind and loving person that she was until the very end. She always attributed her change to her ‘Lord, The Almighty’.

Her passing reminds me that we are all sentient beings, living in this transitory world of ours. Our time is but a moment borrowed, our breaths numbered ….. but hopefully, our efforts have not been reckless, indifferent nor in vain.

Bless her soul.

Btw, I’m not a Christian ….. you can consider me a ‘God’ fearing free-thinker though!


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