It all started with the following statement (extract) by Ramli Yusuff to the press, including Malaysiakini, after the High Court had set aside the appeal of the prosecution against the Sessions Court decision to acquit him of any wrong-doing:-

“To all the men in blue, I say to you — do your job fearlessly and professionally. Uphold your oath of office to ‘sedia berkhidmat.’ Do not be afraid of the syndicate. Protect the innocent.” (Click HERE)

Maybe, it’s the choice of words but the term ‘syndicate’ causes one to shudder, especially those amongst us who have heard and read so much of the underground and the ‘heavenly kings’! You don’t mess with the syndicate, that’s what they always say. It’s a high stake game with few winners but many sufferers, if you know what I mean.

Shortly after  Ramli’s statement was reported on, the China Press then front-pages the IGP’s purported resignation. This has since been refuted and China Press has suspended its editor for two weeks.

Matter closed?

No. Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein then confirms that IGP, Musa Hassan will leave at the end of his contract. Why the need to say this?

Usually, there will not be any raised eye-brows because those given one year extensions in contract is a clear message for them to leave at the end of it. This is also done so as not to appear to have appeased the opposition demanding one’s immediate removal!

Musa has since responded that ‘third parties’ or ‘pihak-pihak tertentu’ have been giving directives to his men ….. another shot at the syndicated elements or Hishamuddin himself? Click HERE

Whatever speculation that goes on as a result of this brou-ha-ha is unavoidable in view of the many statements and mis-statements!

But what is evidently clear is that this is a perfect opportunity for Hishamuddin to appoint a new IGP who does not have too much of an excess baggage.

Past reports about the RM27million man (since acquitted) and subsequently a RM47million man (click HERE for NST article) ….. both of whom were ex-top cops in the Force, do not augur well for an important entity like that of the Police. For all we know, the latter must have had a corporate wind-fall of sorts thanks to a B. corporate chieftain.

But perceptions still need to be addressed!


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