There is no smoke without fire.

So does anyone think that the China Press would have had the audacity to print front page news about the resignation of the Inspector General of Police without credible back up information?

Unless one is of the view that all Chinese papers are tabloids and indulge in sensationalizing news, we cannot discount totally what is being reported by the paper.

And with the Home Ministry announcing today that no further action will be taken against China Press because it was satisfied with the latter’s explanation, does it not authenticate the front page news of China Press? …….. notwithstanding all the gerrymandering by the authorities to try to put ‘everyone off the scent’!!

This is no different from the postponement of the announcement of the New Economic Policy. By saying that the announcement would be in two stages i.e. one at the end of the month and the other in June (launch of the 10th Malaysia Plan) is but an insult to all ‘educated and ordinary’ Malaysians!

I honestly believe that the Ministry people who are handling these cases on the ground are the source of the perceived Government cock-ups.

I do recall during the Mahathir administration, there was an attempt to put technocrats to head Ministries but it fell short, presumably due to the resistance from the politicians.

Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop is an example although much criticism has been leveled at him recently as a result of action taken against his subordinates …… issues of accountability linger on…!

Najib should now consider the alternative of putting experienced, pragmatic, apolitical individuals directly backing up the Ministers including over-seeing the implementation of decisions approved from the top.

Love him or hate him, an example was the appointment of Matthias Chang as Tun Mahathir’s Press Secretary when the latter was PM.  Here is a guy who knows the score and will implement the wishes of his bosses ….. of course with policies for the interest of the Rakyat and not the pockets of his master!

Right now, politically and socially sensitive matters are being implemented in such a fragmented fashion that more harm than good is being done to the current administration.

And by the way, Najib, make sure that the Little Napoleons and Little Napoleonettes have been put to pasture first!!


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