I was reading the Malaysiakini interview with Ibrahim Ali, the leader of the Malay interest group, Perkasa with much interest.

Of course his view is prejudiced …. after all, he has to protect the interest of his group i.e. the Malays (actually only a small group of Malays …. read on). He goes on rubbish-ing people like Francis Yeoh of YTL Group who had called for ‘intense competition’ for all. After all, Ibrahim points out, YTL obtained all those lucrative contracts, like being an Independent Power Producer, from hand-outs, courtesy of the government.

Okay, at least Ibrahim Ali acknowledges that these hand-outs in the ‘good ol’days’ took place and enriched not only a particular racial group but also well connected businessmen …. let’s call them cronies.

Well, I agree that Francis Yeoh deserves to shut up. He is not qualified to comment on people like Ibrahim Ali.

But others are ….. like the silent majority including the Malays who did not enjoy the hand-outs because these were the privileges of a small group of Malay, Chinese and Indian cronies!

So yes, do shut up, Francis Yeoh.

But the Rakyat should not. Instead, it should be made louder and clearer …. GET RID OF THE SILLY CRUTCHES and the savings will be enough to take care of all.


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